Police furious after adult film shot at luxury holiday home branded ‘p*** villa’

Furious Indonesian cops are on the hunt for at least five adult actors after the location of several porn videos doing the rounds on TikTok was exposed.

Clips posted on the popular video-sharing app were recorded on the idyllic holiday island of Bali and captioned with: "Welcome to the porn villa".

The presence of a "penjor" is also believed to have caused a stir as it is a Balinese decorative bamboo pole erected outside used during religious holidays.

Authorities alerted to the video as it featured Indonesian licence plates have vowed to "apprehend them and coordinate with other relevant authorities" as soon as possible.

However, the Bali police are reportedly furious that moviemakers picked their island for the "new porn villa" and that one actress appeared to be Indonesian. The rest of the cast is reportedly white.

The news site Bali Express said the storyline features a white couple called Kevin and Celina inviting two white men, identified as Bryan and Fynn Davis, to their plush pad along with a local actress, named Putri Penelope.

After local media picked up on the "porn villa" story, the local police confirmed on 3rd June that the villa is in Bali’s plush area of Jalan Umalas, however, they have yet to identify the exact property or the owner.

Jamaruli Manihuruk, head of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, confirmed that immigration officers are investigating the matter.

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Officials said: "If we find [them] we will arrest them and coordinate with other relevant authorities."

Reports say the investigation is ongoing.

In the Muslim country, strict anti-pornography laws can see offenders punished for possessing or downloading explicit material with up to four years in prison with increased censorship of local production.

Suggestive images shown on Indonesian media are also rare.

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