Plane passenger dragged by hair as huge fight erupts in cabin before take-off

A brutal brawl involving two groups of passengers was filmed erupting on a plane moments before takeoff.

The altercation took place on a Tunisair flight at Istanbul Airport, in Turkey on Saturday, April 10.

Local reports stated the passengers were fighting over the overhead cabin space after a woman put her bag above another seat.

Video taken by onboard passengers shows a flight attendant trying to de-escalate the situation when a maskless woman starts arguing with two women in head coverings.

A young woman in a white top and black jacket apparently pushes one female passenger, leading to a separate woman slapping her.

When she turns to seemingly retaliate, a woman in a beige headscarf pulls her back and restrains her before a man grabs her hair and violently drags her back as other passengers scream in shock.

Bystanders are seen pulling off their face masks and yell in the background and some try to step in and restrain the brawlers in the aisle.

The flight was scheduled to arrive at Tunis-Carthage International Airport in Tunisia, but the incident had led to a five-hour delay, a spokesperson for the airline said.

They also confirmed that an investigation is underway.

The flight landed at its destination at around 5am following the disturbance.

The airline spokesperson confirmed that cabin crew had to ask for the assistance of security teams to calm down tensions before the plane eventually took off.

Airline spokesman Ghassen Ouji said: “This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company.”

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