Pet cam scares life out of cat trying to be ‘stealthy’ in living room

A sneaky black cat caught unawares by a pet camera nearly leaped out of its skin when it noticed the spying device.

In the hilarious footage, uploaded on TikTok by user @bonbonomnom, the slinky cat is caught "trying to be stealthy" as it creeps through the living room in the dead of night.

Unknown to the feline, its movements are being tracked by a hidden pet cam which uses an in-built motion sensor to follow its every step.

Padding through the empty room, the moggy abruptly flinches when it spots the pet cam turning out of the corner of its eye.

Looking curious, the cat creeps forwards and tries to investigate the camera.

Suddenly spooked, the cat leaps backwards 3ft into the air.

Amused by the poor animal's overreaction, the pet's owner makes a slow-motion recap of the moment the scaredy cat does an impression of a jack-in-the-box.

It was shared on TikTok with the Pink Panther theme tune and the caption: "Pet cam totally worth it."

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Cats are often aloof and mysterious but, thanks to the technology of pet cams, their owners are finally seeing what they get up to when their backs are turned.

One cat owner finally solved the puzzle of why her socks kept going missing from a very heavy drawer.

Amazingly, her cat had cleverly figured out a way to open the door using the strength of her whole body – as caught on a hidden camera she rigged up under the bed.

This comes after an owner "nearly has a heart attack" re-watching the pet cam when she spots her dog have a nasty fall while trying to chase a cat across a kitchen table.

Another cat owner recorded "the cutest thing ever" when her moggy discovered the cat cam and tried to interact with it in several hours of adorable footage.

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