Perv begs kids to leave their mum’s number on Halloween note signed ‘future dad’

A homeowner sparked backlash from parents after he left a note asking trick-or-treaters whether they had any "hot mums" on Halloween.

The bizarre message was found next to a bowl of sweets and was signed off implying that he could be their stepdad one day.

But parents struggled to find the humour within the note and branded the man's efforts as "completely cringeworthy."

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It stated: "Don't care how much candy you take, but if you have a hot, single mom leave her number."

He ended the note by saying, "love your future dad."

A photo of the letter was shared on social media, with people joking about the man's flat attempt.

The bowl of sweets consisted of Starburst minis and small packets of LifeSavers which parents said was an instant red flag.

One person commented: "Not with that lolly selection."

While another wrote: "You might as well be handing out raisins and precut apple slices with that selection."

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A third person said: "With lollies like that I am sure my kid didn't even read the note properly, she would have just skipped to the next house."

Social media users went on to make suggestions to better help the man find love, reports Daily Mail.

Someone added: "If you are trying to be a kid's future dad maybe break out the king size or at least Reese’s."

Another person commented: "This wouldn't work, my kids would clear you out of lollies and bail, better off on Tinder."

However, some people thought it was a decent attempt to get back into the dating world.

"Damn, I should have sent my kids out," a woman added.

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