Passenger on Auckland bus grabs wheel,tries to smash his way out

Dramatic video shows the moment an irate passenger onboard an Auckland bus grabbed the steering wheel, bringing the vehicle to a sudden stop on a busy main road.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Monday, onboard a rail replacement bus travelling between Pukekohe and Britomart.

The man, who is not wearing a mandatory face-covering, can be heard shouting at the driver, complaining that she missed his stop.

The bus stopping sign can clearly be seen illuminated in the video.

“I wanted to get off by the K-Fry!” he yells, as the bus travels up Great South Rd in Papakura.

He continues his expletive-filled rant at the driver as the bus travels on towards the Southgate Shopping Centre in Takanini.

Asking again for the driver to stop, the man then grabs the steering wheel and yanks it to the left as the bus comes to a violent stop.

A spokesperson for Go Bus told the Herald that rail replacement buses only stop at train stations and not at other stops.

The man then becomes enraged when the doors do not open, violently barging through them and walking off, swearing again at the driver.

The driver was unharmed by the incident and continued her route as normal, the spokesperson said.

The Herald has contacted NZ Police for comment.

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