Parents hit back at trolls who claim baby’s skin is ‘too light’ to be theirs

New parents have hit out at "inhumane" online trolls who say their newborn baby is too light-skinned to be theirs.

Marcos Davis, 30, and his wife Debora welcomed a son, Noah, on the 19th of August and took to Instagram to share the news.

But Marco's smiling picture of he and his wife clutching Noah received an unexpected reaction, with trolls even claiming that there was a mix-up with another baby at the hospital.

Another viler commenter said: "It is not possible for black parents to have white children."

The rattled father, from Goiânia, Brazil, decided to share his frustration after it was even suggested that Noah wasn't his.

Taking to Instagram a second time, he wrote: "We didn't imagine going through this, but unfortunately we are speaking out with a broken heart to expose a very unpleasant situation that is happening to us.

''On Thursday 19/08 our son was born and we made a post on our feed to share his arrival.

''We've been getting some offensive comments in the post and sarcastic private messages.''

He explained that he and Debora have been married for seven years and that he was present at all procedures since the beginning to the baby's birth.

"There are some cases in the world where black parents had white children," he added to combat the dissenting comments that suggested his wife may have been unfaithful.

Marco urged people to show some respect in what is supposed to have been a happy time for his family.

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He said: "Anyway, we didn't want to expose ourselves and expose our son that way. But this is inadmissible, it is disrespectful, it is inhumane. If you don't have empathy, at least have respect for others' lives and families.

"Don't use your hands, your fingers and your mouth to hurt, to attack others through ridiculous remarks like these. Whether you are white, black, brown, whether your eyes are blue, green, light brown or dark is not your problem."

He then said he and his wife have not decided to file any lawsuits but they will do if the abuse continues.

Marco wrote: "We are not the ones who define this. So far we haven't filed any lawsuits against these people who made these comments, because the profiles are probably fakes.

"But if this continues, if other messages appear; we will take the necessary steps so that these people are found and receive the appropriate punishment according to the law. That this type of situation does not happen to other families."

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