Palace ‘carefully recalculating’ Queen’s Platinum Jubilee after health scare

Plans around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee are being closely examined following the Monarch's recent health scares, a royal expert has revealed.

Her Majesty was unable to attend Sunday's annual Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph after it was announced she had suffered a back sprain.

The 95-year-old Monarch spent a night in hospital last month and had to cancel multiple royal engagements after advice from doctors to rest, Express reports.

Ms Bond told BBC Breakfast: "I think yes, everyone at the palace now will be very carefully calculating probably recalculate exactly what can be done the Platinum Jubilee.

"The priority has got to be obviously the Queen's health and the Queen's safety.

"I think what we're seeing now is a gradual transition of responsibility from the Queen to Prince Charles, Prince William, and other senior members of the royal family.

"They are taking on more responsibilities and therefore will be at the forefront of celebrations and the Queen will pop up here and there for the big days themselves.

"But a lot of care will be taken of course."

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She added: "The great thing is that we have a monarch in a very modern age, a modern age of modern technology, where she doesn't really have to do…take a decision but she would hate to do to step down entirely from royal duties.

"Because she begins to believe it's a God-given duty to serve as long as she can the rest of her life.

"You know, we have all this modern technology we can see her, she can work remotely and I think that is what she will hold on to in the coming months and years while other members of the royal family go out and tread the pavements and do the handshake thing."

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