OnlyFans star charged with murdering boyfriend denied bond and stuck behind bars

Ex-OnlyFans star Courtney Clenney, 26 who stands accused of murdering her boyfriend has been told she will not be given bond in her first court appearance since being extradited to Florida.

Clenney is facing second-degree murder charges for fatally stabbing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27, in the chest on April 3 after an argument.

Clenney claims the stabbing took place in self-defence and her lawyers insist she should be given manslaughter charges.

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Speaking in her defence, Clenney's attorney said: "I feel it's important that the court be made aware that warrant that judge signed that he did find probable cause.

"There's not probable cause for second-degree murder… at best it's manslaughter."

In response, Judge Jacqueline Woodward said she was not yet familiar enough with the case to change a ruling, and that doing so could actually be unfair to Clenney.

Clenney's next court appearance is her September 6 arraignment and in the meantime she has been taken back to custody in Miami.

Clenney allegedly stabbed the 27-year-old Obumseli in the chest on April 3 following a fight at their luxury apartment building in Miami, as neighbours in the building, said they had a long history of domestic disputes.

Prieto claimed that Clenney was forced to stab Obumseli after he grabbed her by the throat following weeks of stalking the OnlyFans star.

Despite Prieto's claims that Obumseli was initially violent towards Clenney, a friend of the couple claimed that Clenney had been violent against her estranged boyfriend in the past – and video footage released earlier this week showed her allegedly hitting him in a lift.

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“We’ve seen her hit him," Ashley Vaughn said. "I’ve never seen him hit her," he added.

There was video footage showing Clenney handcuffed and covered in blood in a bra after the gruesome fight that resulted in Obumseli being rushed to the hospital before he was confirmed to have died.

Clenney's arrest is four months after the case of Obumseli's death was revived after a previous boyfriend of Clenney claimed that she had to tried to stab him in a fight when they were together.

Larry Handfield, a lawyer that represents Obumseli’s family said, that the police had visited the couple on at least four occasions for domestic calls and with the victim never being taken into custody or charged.

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