OnlyFans’ ‘Fake Barbie’ accused of murdering boyfriend earned £50,000-a-year

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    An OnlyFans star known as "Fake Barbie", who is accused of murdering her boyfriend, was said to be earning £50,000-a-year from the adult site.

    Abigail White, 24, had allegedly threatened her boyfriend with a knife in an attempt to "scare him" before stabbing him in a chest, a court has heard.

    But the OnlyFans star, who admitted to the manslaughter of Bradley Lewis, 22, by causing a fatal stab wound on March 25 of this year, had been raking in tens of thousands through her profile on OnlyFans.

    Bristol Crown Court heard that the 24-year-old, who denies murder, had initially been earning "about £1,000 per month" in her first year on the site.

    Dr John Sandford, a consultant forensic psychologist who examined White before her trial, told the court that her OnlyFans account had been linked with her Instagram profile.

    He said: "In the first year, she made quite a lot of money but then more people did it. She was then making, I think, about £1,000 per month."

    Dr Sandford also told the court that Mr Lewis was "very controlling" of White during their relationship, saying he was violent and manipulative.

    He added: "He would be quite controlling with the money she would earn on OnlyFans, he would decide how that money would be spent."

    The court heard that Lewis had admitted to being unfaithful shortly before his death, with Dr Sandford adding: "She said she was cross because he had always denied it. She always believed he was having affairs and cheating."

    White stabbed Mr Lewis after the pair had a night out together.

    The pair are said to have returned home from a pub where White had consumed a Jagerbomb, two rum and coke as well as a small amount of cocaine, along with a bottle of wine before arriving at the pub.

    The pair had argued when they returned home, which is where and when the stabbing is said to have taken place, the court heard.

    Dr Sandford told the court: "She told me her plan was to scare Bradley so she went into the kitchen where she picked up the knife. She said she didn't want to cause him any serious harm. She said she came towards him with the knife."

    Continuing his statement, Dr Sandford alleged that the "root cause" of the incident was the "dysfunctional relationship from which it arose.

    He said: "I think it is fair to say she had difficulty controlling her emotions and difficulty controlling anger."

    The trial continues.

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