North Korea nuclear alert: Satellite images reveal despot Kim’s terrifying plot

Photos show what appears to be a vast site with drive-through buildings and a rail line under construction. The area is sealed off by what looks like a security fence in images captured in March. Analysts say the facility is “almost certainly related to North Korea’s expanding ballistic missiles program”.

Their release of the shots comes after nuclear talks between the North Korean dictator and US President Donald Trump last year broke down.

Experts at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies said the site is located 17 miles north-west of the reclusive country’s capital of Pyongyang.

The think tank based in Washington said it appears to be “nearing completion”.

And they said they are almost certain the purpose of the buildings is to store ballistic missiles.

The new facility is located at Sil-li near Pyongyang Airport.

A report from the CSIS said one building “is large enough to accommodate an elevated Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile and, therefore, the entirety of North Korea’s known ballistic missile variants”.

After analysing the images, experts concluded that an underground storage facility had been constructed.

The think tank’s report is the first time the outside world has heard of the site.

The team of researchers noted the site is located close to ballistic component manufacturing plants near Pyongyang.

Joseph Bermudez, the report’s author, said the site is now being referred to by experts as a ballistic missile support facility.

He said: “Taken as a whole, these characteristics suggest that this facility is likely designed to support ballistic missile operations and for the interim is identified as the Sil-li Ballistic Missile Support Facility.

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“As such, it is another component of the North Korean ballistic missile infrastructure that has been undergoing both modernization and expansion during the past 10 years.”

The base is constructed on the ground which previously held the village of Sil-li.

The buildings were almost completely demolished to make way for the new site.

In the centre of the missiles base are three large hangars.

Roads can be seen running through them which are connected to nearby tunnels.

And one of the hangars includes features a large raised centre section.

Experts say this indicates it is tall enough to house a Hwasong-14 or Hwasong-15 nuclear missile while positioned upright on top of a launcher.

And if this part of the roof can be removed, the building could be used as a place to test launch missiles.

The hangar entrances and the connecting roads are wide enough for missile launchers to come through.

Researchers believe this could be a sign the site will be used to construct and carry out maintenance work on missiles and launchers.

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