North Korea ‘locking classroom doors’ in desperate bid to prevent coronavirus spread

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The claim comes from Daily NK, a South Korean based publication which gets stories from a network of informants in the North. Speaking to the paper a source said: “In addition to the vacation order, all universities, elementary, middle and high schools were instructed to disinfect all classrooms from June 29 to June 30 in cooperation with provincial, city and county disease prevention authorities.

“The paper seals were ordered to be placed on classroom doors on Monday.”

North Korea is a brutal dictatorship and any of its citizens caught providing Daily NK with information are risking severe repercussions.

According to Daily NK both staff and students took part in disinfecting North Korean schools ahead of July 1.

A source claimed: “Disinfectant in spray, liquid and powder form was sent from the central disease control committee and arrived [at schools] on June 26.

“Students and staff disinfected the schools over three days.

“They began at 7:30 AM, then came back after lunch to continue working from 1 PM to 10 PM.”

Students living outside the North Korean capital Pyongyang were reportedly ordered to return home during recent holidays.

According to the source: “They were ordered to leave the city between June 30 and the evening of July 2.

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“University administrative offices have been working alongside the Ministry of Railways to organise train tickets for them.

“The goal is to transport the students out of Pyongyang quickly.

“The students took East Sea lines 1 and 2, the Central Inland Line or the West Coast Line and departed from different stations and and at different times, depending on where they were headed.”

Officially North Korea denies it has had any coronavirus cases.


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Speaking at a politburo meeting earlier this month Kim Jong-un claimed his country was a “shining example” of how to deal with the illness.

However the North Korean claims are widely distrusted by the international medical community.

North Korea shut itself off from the outside world from January 30 to protect from COVID-19.

Since this date very few people have been allowed into or out of the secretive dictatorship.

In North Korea it is a legal requirement to wear a mask in public whilst large gatherings have been banned.

According to the WHO 922 people have been tested for coronavirus in North Korea all of whom tested negative.

However Oliver Hotham, editor of NK News, expressed doubt about this claim.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this month he said: “It’s very unlikely that it has seen no cases because it borders China and South Korea.”

Coronavirus originated in China’s Wuhan province.

Lockdowns imposed to control its spread have caused economic damage and chaos for much of the world.

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