Neighbour from hell who ‘ruined people’s lives’ and terrorised dogs avoids jail

A nightmare neighbour whose behaviour was so bad it caused people to move house has avoided a jail sentence.

David Wignall, 52, who was nicknamed 'Dave the Drain,' subjected his neighbours in a quiet Manchester cul-de-sac to years of abuse.

He threatened to poison a barking dog, rammed vehicles with wheelie bins, falsely called people "paedos, prostitutes and weirdoes" and threatened others with "a good hiding".

When confronted over his behavior Wignall, who runs a drain unblocking business, drenched one neighbour with a hosepipe and shone powerful torches into other's homes, sounded fog alarms, and launched foul-mouthed verbal attacks against them.

Minshull Street Crown Court was told in 2013 Wignall had been given a Civil Injunction for his bad behaviour in Arlington Drive in Denton, but after it expired in 2015, he began turning on neighbours again.

Rachel Widdicombe, prosecuting, said between July 2017 and September 2018 Wignall had started a feud with neighbour Christine Capper, 67, over her barking dog.

Ms Widdicimbe said: ''Mrs Capper had been shopping and as she arrived home she saw Wignall in front of his house washing his car. He shouted at her, 'Are you going to keep that f****** dog quiet?'

''Mrs Capper replied, 'What's your problem with my dog – she's only barked a couple of times.' But the defendant continued to rant at her and was screaming and shouting and saying he would kill her dog.

''She told him other neighbours never complained but he threatened to punch her shouting: 'You're a f****** old b*****d – why don't you just f****** die? Your sons are weirdos. I'll have 'em.'"

When Mrs Capper's son came out of the house to check on her, Wignall shouted: "F****** fairy – look at the f****** state of you – get a hair cut you f****** f****t.''

Mrs Capper told the court: "I no longer go out of the house when I know Mr Wignall is out in front. I feel intimidated and threatened just by his presence. His harassment and abuse has simply worn me down."

Another neighbour said he had moved home to avoid Mr Wignall, while another had installed CCTV.

Wignall admitted harassment and was sentenced to five months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

He was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and was banned from contacting two sets of neighbours indefinitely.

Judge Mark Savill said: ''In my judgment, you are the very definition of the anti-social neighbour. It is not entirely clear to me what’s behind it, but certainly, there is a significant degree of intolerance, impatience and aggression on your part. There have been a number of allegations and objections about your behaviour and people have had their lives ruined.

"We all need to live in a society together, particularly in these troubling times and there is no excuse whatsoever for your quite disgraceful behaviour. If there had been violence, you would be sent to custody but as it stands, these people were subject to vile language, threats, and anti-social behaviour of a most insidious kind.''

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