N.B. university students revive retro bowling alley in Sackville

A group of students at Mount Allison University trying to revive an old bowling alley in Sackville as part of the Entrepreneurship program.

Riley Barrett, a finance student involved in the project, says are taking a shot at reopening it to the public, hoping to turn a profit.

“The biggest thing I have learned so far is how important connections are in business,” says Barrett, “because a lot of the stuff we have been able to get done, especially cheap, haven been been though connects with family members through people in the class” said Barrett

Barrett says the students are leasing the bowling alley from its owner, which they have called “Strike Club.”

He says there are not a lot of things to do in the small town other than going out for pizza or to a bar, and is hoping people will take up bowling in their spare time.

“It is less of bowling and more of a fun thing to do with you friends out on a night or out for a day. It is just the experience more than it is bowling,” he says.

But they have run into a few gutter balls along the way. Commerce student Savannah Forsey says renovating the alley, which closed about six years ago, was a lot of work.

“We had to sand and scrape down the gutters it took a really long time to get them prepared for painting and then we painted down all the walls and conditioned and refinished the lanes and the approaches as well” she says.

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