Mystery as X-rated banner flies over Leeds and leaves locals in stitches

Locals in Leeds were left amused and mystified on Thursday afternoon, when an X-rated banner was spotted flying over the city.

The banner – which was attached to a plane and read ‘It’s not that hard to find the cl**’ – certainly caught the attention of onlookers, with many turning to social media in a bid to find out what the message was about.

The stunt was part of a marketing campaign to advertise Naked Grapefruit, a sexual wellness shop that claims to ‘tackle taboos, one body-safe toy at a time’, Leeds Live reports.

Taking to Twitter, Naked Grapefruit wrote: “May or may not have flown a plane over Leeds. Anyway, Brad, it’s not that hard to find the cl**”.

A bemused onlooker also took to the microblogging website, writing: "a plane just flew over my house pulling a banner that says ITS NOT THAT HARD TO FIND THE CL** ???????[sic]" to which Naked Grapefruit responded: "Ahoy hoy! Plane as day".

This isn't the only occasion a banner has shocked onlookers in recent times. Earlier this month, motorists in Fife, Scotland, were surprised to see a sign denouncing a love cheat pinned to a footbridge over the A92.

The hand-written banner read: “Ian (surname) cheats on his wife”.

Images of the banner quickly circulated on social media, with one user quick to observe: “If you search his name on Facebook it says "popular now". Aye, but not with his wife!”

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