Mutilated dolphin washed up beach in gruesome ‘shark attack mystery’

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A mutilated dolphin washed up on a beach has sparked fears of a deep sea predator stalking the British coast.

The shocking discovery was found by 20-year-old local resident Joe Noble on South Milton sands beach in South Devon two weeks ago on Wednesday (February 16).

Video shows the dead dolphin with the lower half of its body missing and some significant wounds on the head and near the blowhole.

Joe, who lives in Thurlestone, said this was just a week since what was believed to be Britain's "first great white shark" was spotted nearby and he feared the mammal he discovered could have be its latest victim.

He said: "At 2:40pm I was walking along the beach and saw something on the sand.

"At first I thought it was a seal and there were plenty of birds surrounding the corpse.

"As I got closer I noticed the flesh wounds in the dolphin and the lack of tail. It was very sea-worn and there were plenty of flesh wounds.

"It was very surprising and shocking and the sight of the dolphin was gruesome."

The sighting came just a week after what was believed to be a great white shark was pictured lurking off the beach at Goring-by-Sea near Worthing, West Sussex.

Web designer James Venn spotted a distinctive triangular fin in the water while stood on the beach.

He grabbed his camera, which had a zoom lens, and watched it emerge from the water again 60 yards out.

Mr Venn, from Goring, initially thought the object was a seal, but when he studied his photos he believed it was a shark's fin.

He sent the images to experienced shark fisherman Graeme Pullen, who claimed it is "an undisputed shark".

Due to the size and distinctive triangular shape of the dorsal fin, he asserted that it could only be mako or a small great white shark.

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