Murderer who’s never revealed where wife’s body is has been released from prison

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    A killer who never revealed where he had hidden his murdered wife's body will be released.

    Russel Causley was given a life sentence for the slaying of wife Carole Packman, who disappeared from the family home in 1985.

    Causley was released in 2020 after spending more than 23 years in prison for the murder but was thrown behind bars again the next year for breaching his licence conditions.

    The murderer made headlines last year after he faced a public parole hearing on 12 December 2022, the first of its kind in legal history.

    Last month, however, the Parole Board determined he was suitable for release again.

    And although Justice Secretary Dominic Raab had previously said he was considering an appeal, the Ministry of Justice stated on Tuesday (February 14) that there were no grounds to ask the Parole Board to reconsider its decision.

    And on Wednesday (February 15), it was announced Causley had been released.

    "We have thoroughly examined the Parole Board's decision but detailed legal advice concluded there were no grounds to ask them to reconsider their decision," a Ministry of Justice spokesperson said.

    Ms Packman went missing from the family home in Bournemouth in June 1985, less than a month after Causley moved his lover in.

    Her body has never been recovered, even after Causley's conviction.

    The killer was also caught faking his own death as part of an insurance scam in 1993, and was jailed for fraud in 1995.

    Following this trial, police re-opened the case into Ms Packman's death.

    “We know this will be an incredibly difficult time for Carole Packman’s family, but Russell Causley will be under close supervision for the rest of his life and can be recalled to prison if he breaches the strict conditions of his release," the Ministry of Justice spokesperson added.

    “Our parole reforms will stand up for the rights of victims in cases like this, making public safety the overriding factor in parole decisions and adding a ministerial veto on release of the most serious offenders.”

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