Mum’s search to find daughter’s dad in last-ditch bid to avoid being deported

A mum being booted out of Britain has launched a desperate search to find her daughter's father.

Naida Toledo came to London on a six-month tourist visa when met a construction worker on a dating app and fell pregnant in August 2019.

When the now 34-year-old told the builder she was expecting, she claims the 31-year-old from Cardiff told her he did not want to start a family.

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He then cut contact with her, blocking her number so that she could not reach him.

Naida hired a private investigator to track him down, but to no avail so she gave birth to her daughter Maria alone.

The mum claims her daughter was born in Gorleston, Norfolk, in May 2020, and the father's name is not on the birth certificate.

Because of this, the mum-of-one said she and Maria face being deported because she is not a UK citizen.

Adding that the father has only visited the child once, for two minutes, when she was six months old.

Naida, who is from a town near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, said: "I think it's more than fair for my daughter to get citizenship so she can study here in future.

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"It hasn't been a good time and that's not her fault.

"We need to find the father but he hides from Maria and my family.

"When I told him I was pregnant, he said 'I don't want to start a family now' and now he hides Maria from his family.

"They don't know Maria which is a crazy situation.

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"She is supposed to start nursery soon and I want to be here with her and also get a job and work."

According to Naida, the Home Office is threatening to forcibly remove her from the country and ban her from it, while pushing for her to get Maria a Brazilian passport.

But Naida has said she accepts she overstayed her visa but tried to return to Brazil when she was pregnant but was told she could not fly as she was too far along.

She is now planning to prepare to return to Brazil but wants to ensure Maria gets British citizenship so she and her daughter are not ostracised from the UK.

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Naida has also said that once Maria is granted citizenship, she plans to apply through the proper channels to allow her to work and settle in the UK permanently.

She said: "I've agreed to go but it's not right what has happened. I'm scared for my daughter.

"Brazil is so beautiful but it's so dangerous. I think it's better for Maria's future if she stays here."

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