Mum pulls daughter, 11, out of school as police called to row over Asda trousers

A furious mum has pulled her daughter out of school after getting into a row over her child’s £6 Asda trousers.

Michelle Doyle claims teachers at Merrill Academy in Alvaston, Derbyshire, sent Libbi home because her trousers looked like “leggings”.

The single mum says she went into the school to complain but was soon told to leave by head teacher Jo Harlow.

Hours later police then turned up at Michelle’s home after the school accused her of “aggressive and threatening behaviour" on its premises, reports Derbyshire Live .

But Michelle has insisted threatening any staff, although she admits she swore.

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She said the episode, which happened on Monday morning, has left her so angry that she has now decided to pull Libbi, 11, out of the school permanently.

Michelle said: “My daughter has been wearing these trousers since September but suddenly she’s not allowed them.

“It’s really upset her. I went to the school with a friend to ask for an explanation but they wouldn’t give me one. The head teacher then came out and said I needed to leave the premises.

“I was so angry when they escorted us off the premises that I said ‘the school’s s***' and that my daughter 'won’t be coming back'.

“Later on, the police came to my property and said I’d been accused of aggressive and threatening behaviour.

“Out of frustration, I did swear – but I didn’t threaten anyone.

“I’m so angry about it that I’ve decided to pull Libbi out of the school. I’ve already started applying to get her into Noel-Baker or Chellaston Academy. In the meantime, I'll provide her with some lessons at home."

Michelle said the trousers worn by Libbi were perfectly smart and that she couldn’t believe the school’s stance.

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She said: “Libbi’s really shook up by this. Pupils are made to queue up at the school entrance so teachers can check they’re dressed properly.

“It’s ridiculous. It wasn’t nice for Libbi when she was refused entry in front of everyone, especially as she suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and anxiety.”

Michelle also has a 15-year-old daughter at Merrill Academy. However, she is reluctant to pull her out of the school as she has already started her GCSE courses.

“It’s easier to find Libbi a new school as she’s only in Year 7,” she explained.

Following the mum’s comments, a spokesperson for Merrill Academy said: “Due to the nature of the parent engagement with staff, this is now a police matter. Therefore, we cannot comment any further.”

Derbyshire police confirmed they were aware of the row.

A spokesman said: "An officer was at the school that day on an unrelated matter and was asked by staff to hep diffuse the situation.

"The officer later visited the child’s home to offer further advice. We have now left the matter in the hands of the school."

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