Mum of three arrested after man fatally stabbed ‘in row over parking space’

A mum-of-three has been arrested after a man was stabbed to death, allegedly in a row over a parking space.

Gareth Kelly bled to death next to his car outside the house where he was staying in the Brownsbarn Wood estate in Kingswood, West Dublin.

A woman in her 30s was arrested near the scene within hours of the horrific discovery at 7am on Tuesday morning.

Gardai are now trying to establish a motive for the killing, and are reportedly probing whether or not it was motivated by Mr Kelly parking his car outside the house overnight.

It's believed the victim and the woman did not know each other and Gardai are not treating the killing as a domestic dispute.

The woman being questioned is believed to have been present when the man was stabbed several times as he tried to start his car, the Irish Mirror reports.

Officers yesterday removed a Skoda Octavia which was parked next to the scene of the crime.

Witnesses reported the vehicle's bonnet was open and appeared to have jump leads attached. It was taken away on a salvage truck for testing.

The brutal killing has shocked residents of the typically quiet neighbourhood of Kingswood.

Gardai taped off the entrance to the estate. The house where the victim is believed to have been staying with his partner is one of two in front of an area of trees.

Officers erected a blue crime scene tent next to where his body was found lying on the ground.

They were also seen examining a nearby house.

There are multiple parking spaces in front of the properties in the estate, in which dozens of families live.

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