Mum of boy, 5, found dead in mountains ‘let boyfriend beat him to death’

A couple in Florida were arrested on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death after the body of a five-year-old boy was discovered in the Colorado mountains last week.

Authorities believe the young child was beaten to death about a month (July 25) before in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas by his mother's boyfriend.

According to an arrest warrant filed in Bexar County, Texas. the body of Domenic Patrick Aguilar-Acevedo was found in a deep ravine near Fraser last week.

Nickolle Cristina Aguilar, 25, told police that her boyfriend, Daniel Garcia, 26, threw her son against the wall in the hotel room and then he started vomiting a dark substance, reports Mail Online.

The boy's mother did not intervene, despite Garcia reportedly physically abusing the boy for several weeks, because “she was too eager to be in a relationship.”

The day after Domenic died Aguilar and Garcia made their way to Colorado where they camped near Rocky Mountain National Park.

According to the warrant the five-year-old child was buried near their campsite before Aguilar and Garcia headed south to Costa Rica.

In a conversation with her mother who tracked down her daughter in Costa Rica, Aguilla disclosed what had happened to Domenic and her mother contacted San Antonio police and the FBI.

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On August 25 Aguilla and her mother advised the authorities of where the campsite near Rocky Mountain National Park was located.

Domenic's body was found in a ravine reportedly still wearing the same clothes he wore on the day he died – he had been exposed to the elements and scavenging animals for a month.

Aguilar and Garcia were arrested in Florida on different days last week and are both facing extradition back to Texas.

During interviews with the police Aguilar reportedly said they did not notify authorities of her son's death because they were concerned they would lose custody of their other children.

An autopsy report on the cause of death is still waiting to be confirmed.

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