Mum left in tears as disabled daughter forced to sit on Sports Direct floor

A mum says she was left humiliated and heartbroken after her disabled daughter was forced to sit on the floor in Sports Direct.

Ann-marie Yönetci said she is disgusted that the lift taking customers from the street to the first floor Sports Direct store in Truro has been out of action for months, creating a "humiliating experience" for her and her seven-year-old daughter, who uses a wheelchair.

The mum visited the shop with her three children – Yasmin, seven, who is disabled, her twin brother Emre and their brother Yusuf, nine – to pick up an online order that she claims was lost by the sports retailer.

She told Cornwall Live: "Angry is an understatement. Not only did Sports Direct lose my online order, but I then went to the Truro shop and their lift was broken with an umbrella stand in front of it.

"I went up the escalator and said politely, 'hi, I've got a disabled daughter downstairs in a wheelchair' and was told by a member of staff that the lift was broken, so I asked how we could access the shop with a wheelchair.

"They did apologise but they said, 'sorry, but you can't'.

"So I had to carry her up the escalators and there was no attempt to help.

"I'm stubborn and determined so I went downstairs, picked her up and carried her into the shop. Nobody came and said, 'if you know what you want, we can help you' or offered a chair to put my daughter in'."

Ann-marie said Yasmin had to hold on to a display holding basketballs so she wouldn't be left lying on the floor as she can stand but can't walk.

"She had to crawl on the floor to keep up with us. At the tills I had to put her on the floor while I paid," she added.

The mum has since spoken to the store and agreed it was a "miscommunication".

A supervisor at the Truro store told CornwallLive: "I completely understand the lift being out of order is annoying – we have been waiting for a part from Germany so it can be fixed. We are aware this can be a problem for people and do everything we can to help.

"I had a customer recently who couldn't get up the escalator to buy an umbrella, so I took it down to her and was able to help.

"I am 100% sure that staff would have helped this lady – I think there was some miscommunication at the start."

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