Mum holding dead baby in arms bursts into tears after begging doctors for help

Hospital staff failed a mum whose baby was stillborn despite her begging them to listen to her concerns, an investigation has found.

Stephanie Broadley, 28, lost her newborn baby boy Beau in May 2018 at Grimsby's Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

Now an inquest has found the mum-of-six from Immingham, Lincolnshire was failed by hospital staff.

Distraught Stephanie shared a picture of her holding her dead baby in her arms and sobbing after staff failed to respond to her concerns that something was wrong with her pregnancy.

She said she broke down with guilt and wishes she had forced doctors to help her.

"They just kept telling me everything would be fine and that it was normal, but I knew it wasn't," she told GrimsbyLive.

A serious incident investigation has now found that Stephanie was failed by staff at the hospital.

The inquest found her labour wasn't treated as high risk even though the warning signs were there.

Maternity staff also failed to follow proper guidelines because they didn't think the unborn baby was in any danger.

Stephanie had previously suffered a miscarriage, and wanted her son to be a "rainbow baby" so named him Beau.

After the shocking stillbirth, she went to medical negligence specialists and asked them to investigate the circumstances around Beau's death.

Now, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust has admitted to a "breach of duty" and errors in her maternity care.

Stephanie said she repeatedly asked staff about concerns she was having, including three times when she was in labour and couldn't feel any movement from her baby.

She says midwives told her everything was fine, even though she was certain something was wrong.

"I repeatedly said that I knew something was wrong and there were three occasions when I was in labour that I reported to midwives that I couldn't feel any movements at all, but no action was taken.

"They didn't increase heart-monitoring, even when I lost blood and it was a funny colour, and they didn't call for a consultant to see me.

"Midwives just kept telling me everything would be fine and that it was normal, but I knew it wasn't.

"When Beau was stillborn it was absolutely heartbreaking. I just held him in my arms and sobbed, and it is so difficult thinking back now because I feel I let him down."

Solicitor Sam Gardner, of Hudgell Solicitors, is negotiating damages with the NHS trust relating to Beau's death, but says that such cases are "never about compensation," and are instead about "holding trusts to account for their actions".

Dr Peter Reading, chief executive at the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, said: "I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Ms Broadley and her family for their tragic loss.

"We have carried out an investigation into the care Ms Broadley received but unfortunately, as legal proceedings are still ongoing, we are unable to comment further on this case."

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