Mum given months to live with cancer shares daughter’s tragic ritual

A mum-of-two has been given just months to live despite already beating breast cancer twice.

Faye Low, 33, has revealed how she has built an extra special bond with her seven-year-old daughter since telling her she will not be around for much longer.

Cancer has tragically struck Faye from Southend-on-Sea, Essex for a third time, this time spreading to her brain. Her doctor gave her just months to live when they told her the devastating news in January this year.

The paediatric palliative care nurse is now preparing her family for a life without her and the hardest thing has been communicating it with Amelia, EssexLive reports.

Faye said: "We spoke about how there’s always a bond, always a connection, and about how I will forever always be with her in her heart and her memories.

"My seven-year-old and I often draw hearts on our hands, and kiss the heart and hold hands, so when she goes to school she’s got me on her hand with her heart, and I told her there’s an invisible string, so no matter where I am we’re always connected."

Faye is now hoping that she can create a legacy to spread awareness and raise money for a local charity.

She "knew straight away" she had breast cancer when she first felt a lump while in the shower in June 2018 after having a "deep-rooted gut feeling".

By June 2019 doctors gave her the all-clear but that only lasted for few months when a bruise in January 2020 later revealed her breast cancer had come back.

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Yet more chemotherapy which she finished in August last year was – everyone thought – the end of it.

Faye's CT scan from last December was confirmed as "all clear" in January 2021 – but she soon started suffering from splitting headaches and was muddling her words.

Faye said: "I thought something wasn’t right, so I phoned my oncologist who arranged an urgent MRI scan, and that confirmed on January 31 that I had the brain metastasis.

"At that point, I was given months to live."

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Next came breaking the news to her family of husband Richard 34, mum Irene and her two daughters Amelia and three-year-old Imogen.

Faye added: "It’s awful, and it’s an awful situation, but I feel like I have to hold on to some hope, like everyone else I’m praying for a miracle."

Despite fearing the devastating impact her death will have on her family, she considers herself lucky that it wasn’t her first time going through cancer treatment during the pandemic.

"I feel quite lucky that it wasn’t the first time for me during the pandemic, so the first time I had it, I had the support of my husband during chemotherapy," she said.

When Faye does sadly pass away, she wants her legacy to be of raising awareness for her type of cancer and had campaigned relentlessly for Southend-based cancer charity Bosom Pals to help raise money.

She set up an awareness page last summer, adding a fundraiser on February 19 selling mugs, t-shirts, and bags online, designed by her, with an initial target of £1,000.

Two weeks in, and she's more than doubled her target.

She said: "I’m starting to feel like my legacy should be to do with raising awareness for triple-negative breast cancer – it’s a type that there’s not a huge amount of research and funding for."

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