Mum drowned her two-year-old daughter after wetting herself

A mum-of-two has been sentenced to 18 years in jail on Wednesday for drowning her two-year-old daughter after she wet herself.

Lin Li, 28, from Brooklyn, US, was convicted in June 2019 for holding her daughter’s head underwater in a storage bin nearly four years ago.

She was convicted of manslaughter and two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child but was acquitted to second-degree murder.

Li was also found guilty of first-degree attempted assault for holding her four-year-old son’s head under water a day before Melody’s death.

A law-enforcement official said, in a videotaped interview, Li had admitted to pushing her daughter's head underwater.

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Li also told officers that she held Melody's head down in the water-filled bin up to her forehead and saw bubbles coming out of her child's mouth.

Li then walked out of the bathroom without checking if her daughter was alive.

She later called 911.

Police who responded to the family's home found Li's husband performing CPR on his daughter.

Melody was taken to Maimonides Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Medical Examiner determined the toddler had multiple bruises and contusions that were consistent with her being held underwater and drowned.

The girl's father was asleep at the time of the incident, the official added.

During her sentencing, Li’s defence lawyer spoke about his client’s “tough upbringing” in China and the deplorable condition she lived in where she shared an apartment with her mother, husband, two children in an apartment where they shared a bathroom with a dozen other people.

Attorney Mario Romano described Li as a 'loving, caring' mother and said she 'blames herself everyday' for what happened.'

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He added: "I did not see the actions of a monster in what I read.."

When given a chance to address the court before learning her fate, Li, dressed in light-brown jail garb, broke down in tears as she spoke through a translator.

She said: "I would like to say being a mom, it is my duty to take care of my children, and I really regret my daughter's death.

"It was my mistake, losing my daughter is very, very painful to me."

Li directly addressed Kings County Supreme Court Judge Deborah Dowling, saying: "no matter how much time you're going to send me to jail, I will accept it."

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Judge Dowling handed down the separate sentences for each of the counts totalling 18 years, ordering them to run concurrently.

"This defendant had a duty to care for her children and to keep them safe, but instead she used inexplicable and dangerous methods to discipline them – and caused the violent death of her daughter," Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement.

"Nothing can bring back little Melody, who had an entire life ahead of her. But, with today’s sentence, we have obtained a measure of justice in this terribly tragic case.”

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