Mugshot of musclebound wanted man drives women crazy with offers to ‘hide him’

A police mugshot of a wanted man has caused a flurry of excitement after it was posted on Facebook with dozens of women – and a few men – offering to "hide him"

Greater Manchester Police said: "Have you seen wanted man 36-year-old Robert Rimmer? Officers are keen to speak to him in connection with an ongoing investigation into drugs related offences in our area.

"Robert is originally from the Ashton-Under-Lyne area of Manchester but has known links to Hull, Cheshire, Liverpool and Blackpool. If you see him, or know where he is, please do not approach him”.

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But quite a few commenters seemed very keen to approach the heavily tanned and tattooed man and even "cuff" him themselves.

Janine Lusk wrote “I’d help look for him,” while Lei Lei Dod joked “You can hide in my house mate”.

Lisa-Maria Mitchell was even keener, chipping in with: “There he is .. I'm trying to track him.down too ….. found my Prince Charming”.

Mazzie Graham opined that Rimmer “needs at 20 years hard service,” adding “bring him to me… I'll soon have him begging for forgiveness!”

Annie Saxby wryly commented “every woman trying swiping right, forgetting this is Facebook.

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Lou Lou said that the 36-year-old was in more danger if he wasn’t in custody. “By the sounds of these comments think he does generally need help from the police before you lot get hold of him,” she wrote, adding “Good luck pal – my advice would be HAND YOUR SELF IN BRO – they’re coming for you and not just the police”.

Sarah Devenney, after reading the long thread of admiring comments, wrote: “sounds like he will be safer in prison”.

Not everyone was quite so impressed with Rimmer’s appearance. Emma Davenport said the wanted man “looks like he uses Wotsits as body cream”.

But by the majority of the (mainly female) commenters were keen to take Rimmer into custody.

Steph Roberts was just one who said she “wouldn’t mind seeing him in handcuffs”.


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