Mr Blobby emerges from years in hiding to cause utter chaos at wrestling match

Mr Blobby is back – and he's had a career change.

In 1994, the pink and yellow nightmare-inducing giant creature was on everyone's television screens, accompanied by British television legend Noel Edmonds.

But since the ending of TV show Noel's House Party, and the general ending of Noel's entire showbiz career when he moved to New Zealand a few years ago, the iconic being has hardly been seen.

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That is, until now and in a completely new role.

During the weekend of Saturday August 13, and Sunday August 14, at the Gloworm Festival in Thoresby Park, a House of Pain Wrestling event was taking place.

The main event was fan favourite Davey Thompson taking on HOP champion Brad Matthews, accompanied by bat-wielding female wrestler Ivy.

And much to the surprise of the entire crowd, Mr Blobby turned up and was given the role of special guest referee – much to the annoyance of Ivy.

The match, won by Thompson, had a chaotic ending which saw Ivy shouting at Blobby, who seemed confused about what his actual job was.

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The spotty creature took offence to this and shoved Ivy off the ring apron and onto the hay-filled giant tent floor.

The crowd cheered and Thompson took advantage of the chaos to pin Matthews, with Blobby giving the three count – after some prompting from another referee at ringside.

Video footage of the incident went viral online, although the actual match footage has been supplied to the Daily Star exclusively from House of Pain wrestling.

Ivy tweeted: “How many of you have been in a wrestling match with the actual real Mr Blobby? Because I have and it was WILD.”

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One user commented: “This is the perfect mix of hilarious and terrifying.”

While another wrote: “I wanna see Blobby at Mania, make it happen Triple H – Noel Edmonds as manager optional.”

And fellow wrestler Lucia Lee likened it to a “fever dream”.

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