More Winnipeg high schools cancel overseas travel due to coronavirus fears

In light of ongoing concerns around COVID-19, a Winnipeg school division has cancelled two student trips abroad.

In a statement Thursday, Pembina Trails School Division said it was being cautious in cancelling two high school trips this month.

“A group of École Secondaire Oak Park High School students had planned to go to Thailand, and Fort Richmond Collegiate had an itinerary that included Italy,” the division said.

“We believe in the rich opportunities that travel can provide, yet understand that this situation is fluid.

“The health and safety of our students always comes first.”

The division said the possibility of 14-day quarantines was also a factor in the decision to cancel the trips, and that they’re following travel advisories set out by the federal government.

Pembina Trails isn’t the first local school division to cancel trips due to coronavirus fears.

Earlier this week, three other Winnipeg high schools nixed plans to send their students abroad, or in some cases modified their travel arrangements.

A spokesperson from St. Mary’s Academy told Global News on Tuesday that adjustments were made to one of two planned trips to ensure the students don’t fly through Italy.

Both Kelvin and Grant Park schools also adjusted plans, with Kelvin students originally slated to visit China and Grant Park students planned to go to northern Italy.

The federal travel advisories suggest avoiding all non-essential travel to China, among other countries.

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