Montreal police investigating acts of vandalism, violence targeting Asian community symbols

Members of Montreal’s Asian community are concerned they’ve become targeted amid the COVID-19 outbreak, because of several acts of vandalism against community symbols.

During the last week of February, merchants in Chinatown noticed that lion statues at the entrance to the neighbourhood were spray-painted in different colours.

The graffiti has since been cleaned off, but other acts of vandalism also have people worried.

Authorities at the at the Quan Am Buddist temple on de Courtra Avenue in Côte-des-Neiges claim that a security camera caught someone attacking statues at the location.  The date stamp on the video says Feb. 2, 2020.

“There’s a vandal who came in with a sledgehammer and started hitting the statues,” temple volunteer Loui Le explained.

He said many of the religious monuments in front of the building were smashed, items that he said can cost thousands of dollars to import.  To make matters worse, the temple was attacked a second time weeks later, along with other Buddhist places of worship.

One of them was the Centre Socio-culturel Bouddhique Huyen Khong on Chambord Street.

Le has a theory why the vandalism is happening.

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