Mia Khalifa on adult industry’s dark side – from ISIS threats to crazy stalkers

Mia Khalifa celebrates her 30th birthday today (February 10), in what has already been a very interesting life.

The ex-pornstar was born in Lebanon before moving to Maryland, US with her family in 2001.

She rose to fame in 2014 when she decided to go into the adult entertainment industry, causing much controversy for shooting some of her films in traditional Islamic dress, which reportedly led to both her parents disowning her.

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At 22 she became the most searched-for performer on PornHub and the most watched actor on the website.

But no sooner had she become an international star, than her home country and parts of the Arab world turned on her in brutal fashion.

She received a series of horrific death threats, including a fake image of her being held by an Islamic State executioner.

In another charming message she was told she would be "the first person in Hellfire" which she responded to with customary wit, saying: "I've been meaning to get a little tan recently."

She opened up on a BBC interview three years ago about the dark side of the porn industry.

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She revealed that her Instagram was 'hacked by ISIS sympathisers' who posted propaganda on her own profile, forcing Instagram to take it down.

Asked at the time how much control she had while working in the industry, she said she had 'very little say.'

She described how when she was on set she would simply 'black out' so that her memory of the films would be hazy.

"Adrenaline was through the roof, which makes it hard to go back and understand what was happening," she said.

"A part of it was rebellion and wanting to do something so out-of-bounds and so out of character that I shocked even myself."

Speaking about her family, who cut off contact once they found out about her stint in porn, she said:

"I felt completely alienated. I was still alone even when I left. I just realised some mistakes aren't forgivable. But time heals all wounds and things are getting better now."

She even had to move house after a crazed stalker posted a screenshot of her home from Google Maps.

Since she retired from her porn career, Mia has forged an influencer empire for herself and has an army of fans and is thought to be worth over £4.1million.

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