Mexican cartels turn truck into Mad Max-style ‘Franken-tanks’ to rule drug trade

Notorious Mexican cartels are turning trucks into Mad Max-style "Franken-tanks" as a way of ruling the drugs trade.

Their rust-covered metallic vehicles, which feature ramming spears on the front and brutal design features are pushed out by underground workshops aiding the militias in waging war against fellow drug pushers.

Where they may look similar to the battle wagons used in the Mel Gibson-starring cult classic, the drug lords commandeering the rustic beasts are using them to take the law into their own hands.

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Four-inch-thick steel plates and turrets for machine gun mounts are just some of the mad features on the weapon-ready vehicles.

Both the Gulf Cartel and Zetas syndicate use their armoured convoys often.

The violent new phase of Mexican cartel warfare has seen the use of armoured vehicles, with notorious groups hitting back at one another.

Mexican law enforcement officials have labelled the trucks "narco-tanks", rhino trucks or even the chilling "monstruos", meaning monster.

Usually painted with a camouflage tint, the high tech arsenal of cartel groups in Mexico is growing, with the murder machines unleashed on cocaine trails where warring factions vie for control.

Some cartels even managed to fashion a submarine which could allow them to cross the Atlantic, while the armoured beasts are a way for the drug pushers to send a message, a security expert claimed.

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Security analyst Romain Le Cour said: "The monsters are the way to send the message, 'I’m in charge, and I want everyone to see I’m in charge'.

"These are commando-style groups looking to replicate special forces in how they’re armed, how they’re trained, how they look."

Portholes were added to the side of some vehicles, giving a space for machine gunners to poke out the side, while a hatch similar to a tank was added to the top of the monstruos.

Battles between the Gulf Cartel and the Northeast Cartel saw the destruction of the vehicles, which were left battered, blown up and broken down in cartel hotspots.

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