Met Office issues verdict on more UK snow as new weather front could arrive

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    Despite parts of the UK experiencing a whiteout over recent days, hopes of a white Christmas have taken a dent as the Met Office said the freeze could subside by the weekend.

    Brits went barmy after snow began settling on Sunday night with one bloke spotted jogging in just his shorts, motorists skidding out of control and commuters hurling snowballs at each other in a London train station.

    The runways at Gatwick and Stansted were even "temporarily closed" late Sunday night due to the arrival of heavy snow.

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    But things look to be calming down now, with a "temporary reprieve" on the way according to the Met Office.

    The cold, hazardous weather – and weather warnings – will continue until the weekend, when milder and wetter weather will replace it.

    Paul Gundersen, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “Over the last week, the UK has been held in a northerly airflow bringing cold, sometimes Arctic air, to the UK.

    "We will still have this northerly influence to our weather patterns until the weekend, but then the cold conditions will lose exclusive dominance over the UK’s weather patterns and we will move into a regime where relatively mild and relatively cold conditions will vie for supremacy.

    “We can expect changeable conditions with colder and milder air not too far away from our shores, but it does seem that the Atlantic ‘has woken up’ compared with recent days and will be a stronger influence, countering any further bouts of extreme cold conditions, although spells of further wintry weather remain possible through the rest of December.”

    And Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey told Daily Express: "The weather will stay cold this week with daytime temperatures not getting much above freezing for many and a continued fog and ice risk.

    "This week we will see the greatest risk of snow and wintry showers around the northern eastern coasts, with inland areas seeing some brighter, sunnier weather at times.

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    "The cold weather will last into next weekend but there are indications that we will see temperatures rising as we go into next week with a return to milder weather from then."

    This week, however, is expected to see more sleet and snow fall, with many places experiencing severe overnight frosts.

    Matthew Lehnert, the Met Office chief meteorologist, said: "The cold conditions will remain in situ during this week.

    "In many places daytime temperatures will struggle to get above freezing, while overnight temperatures have the potential to drop below -10C in rural parts of Scotland."

    Mr Lehnert added severe weather warnings were in place for south-east England and northern Scotland, and that ice and snow would be a feature for many people.

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