Mercedes driver parks across old woman’s drive for 2 hours before explaining why

An elderly woman was left fuming after her driveway was blocked for more than two hours and her Morrisons delivery driver couldn’t park in front of her house.

The woman from Southport, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the Mercedes car blocked her drive for more than two hours on Wednesday night.

She told the Liverpool Echo that she has never experienced something similar in the more than 40 years that she’s lived on Forest Road.

She said: "The driver abandoned their car across my driveway. I checked my Ring camera and saw it was left at 6.52pm and it was gone 8pm when they returned.

"I wasn't happy and the Morrisons delivery driver, who wasn't able to park near my house, wasn't impressed either.

"Then the men returned, the driver didn't seem to understand my problem, he just said they had 'been at the footie' as though he expected me to say 'oh, that's alright then!'

"More than 40 years we have lived here, and this has never happened before."

A tweet says a match between AFC Liverpool and City of Liverpool Under 18s had a venue change due to failing floodlights, relocating to Southport Football Club on Haig Avenue.

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Thankfully, the woman's delivery driver was able to get her shopping to her, but she is still confused as to why the driver chose this particular parking spot.

She continued: "If they'd asked me if it was okay, I'd have probably let them, or at least pointed out that there were no restrictions on the other side of the road [where there is a single yellow line] on a Wednesday evening."

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