Meghan Markle’s uncle Mike who ‘wished he could meet Prince Harry’ dies

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Meghan Markle's uncle, Michael, has died at the age of 82.

The ex-diplomat never met the Duchess of Sussex's husband Prince Harry but had always reportedly wanted the opportunity to.

The Sun reports that Michael, known as Mike, had been battling Parkinson's disease and suffered falls in recent months.

A source claimed that Mike was "very proud" of the Duchess and wished he had the chance to meet Harry.

They said: "Mike was a lovely, gentle, softly spoken old man.

"He was always happy to be asked about Meghan, but whenever he spoke to anyone he mainly wanted to talk about his late wife – he loved her so much."

The news comes as the Duke of Sussex has returned to the UK to unveil a statue of his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry was seen for the first time last night after touching down in Britain last week.

After Mr Markle's wife passed, it's believed he moved from his home in Oregon to be closer to his daughter.

He managed to keep his independence while living in a trailer community, the source said.

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The insider added Mike was "very proud" of Meghan and wished he had the opportunity to meet her husband, Prince Harry.

They added: "He was quite well known in his community for being Meghan’s uncle, and he would always stop for a chat to say how proud he was of her even though he didn’t often agree with how she went about things.

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"He would usually just chuckle and say, ‘It’s not every day you have a prince in the family, though, I suppose!’”

He had helped Meghan secure an internship as a junior press officer in the American embassy in Argentina when she was considering a career in international relations.

He told Woman Magazine she took up the role when she was 20-years-old.

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However, it's said Mike had become estranged from the Duchess, much like her father Thomas, ahead of her royal wedding to Harry.

Thomas Markle was set to walk his daughter down the aisle but said he could not attend the ceremony due to health issues.

But the source claims Mike "wasn’t a fan of how they’d iced out her dad."

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"His face often turned a bit dark whenever that was mentioned. I don't think they were ever in touch with him to his dying day", they said.

They went on to say that he had been "disappointed" that he was not invited to the big day but "held hope" he'd receive an invite after helping her previously in life.

Mr Markle also encouraged Meghan to reach out to her dad before it was too late last year.

He told the Express she should ask her dad 'if he is ok' at the start of the Covid pandemic.

He said: "It's about time she should try to mend any differences she has with family before it is too late. I think that she should be in touch with her dad.

"Tom should be speaking to his daughter and his newest grandson.”

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