Meghan Markle would have found Harry’s ‘fumblings in a field’ as ‘endearing’

A royal author said Meghan Markle may think Prince Harry's alleged romp with Sasha Walpole was "sweet and endearing".

The Sun reported that Walpole, a former horse groomer at Highgrove House, claimed that she was the "older woman" who took Harry's virginity.

In his memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex said he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field behind a pub when he was 17.

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The now 40-year-old said "there’s no regret" about the "wham-bam" she says she had with Harry in 2001 because "it was a moment of madness and life is about experiences."

Christopher Andersen, author of "The King," told Fox News Digital he is not surprised that Walpole took the decision to reveal herself as the "older woman" Harry wrote about.

"Sasha Walpole says that she was surprised Harry wrote about their romp behind a pub in such vivid detail — with equestrian metaphors, no less! — and she wanted to tell her version of events.

"Why not?" said Andersen. "I have to say Harry was a tad misleading when he said he lost his virginity to an ‘older woman'.

"They were also friends at the time — teenagers who had too much to drink at a party — and Sasha's recollection of events seems decidedly less racy than Harry's."

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Andersen added that he believes neither Harry or Meghan were surprised about Walpole coming forward and the latter's feeling on the subject may come as a surprise.

"It's hard to imagine that either Meghan or Harry was surprised that Sasha would step forward, if she hadn't, Britain's doggedly determined reporters would have tracked her down anyway.

"I'm sure these adolescent fumblings in a field will simply strike Meghan as sweet and endearing."


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