Meghan Markle crowned ‘sexiest member of Royal Family’ beating Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle has been officially crowned the sexiest member of the Royal Family receiving 50,000 combined global monthly searches related to physical attractiveness.

Kate Middleton took the second spot with over 18,000 average monthly searches.

Prince Harry has ranked as the sexiest male.

Research by health experts Stress-Free Health Testing analysed global Google search data to pinpoint which Royal receives the highest number of searches for various terms related to physical attractiveness.

And reveal who the public finds the sexiest once and for all.

The search term "Meghan Markle hot" was inputted a total of 30,000 times in one month, nearly three times more than searches for "Kate Middleton hot".

Searches for "Meghan Markle sexy" peaked after her explosive tell-all interview with Oprah, soaring 733% above the yearly average.

The same search term for Kate Middleton peaked when the Duchess appeared at the final day of Wimbledon in July, flying 800% above the yearly average.

In the male category, Prince Harry was ranked as the sexiest.

The term "Prince Harry hot" has 1,310 monthly searches and ‘Prince Harry sexy’ has 800 monthly average searches in the UK.

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Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Stress-Free Health Testing said: "Even before Meghan joined the Royal Family, she was already viewed by the public as incredibly glamorous thanks to her run on hit TV show, Suits, which catapulted her to fame.

"However, this data really emphasises Meghan’s enduring power to capture the world’s attention through her beauty."

And Meghan Markle has also been crowned the smartest member of the UK Royal family, according to a new study.

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The research, by international education provider Oxford Royale, analysed QS World University Rankings on everything from academic reputation to the faculty-to-student ratio for the institutions attended by key members of the Royal Family,

Experts claim this has helped them discover which royal is the brightest of all.

The results also show that Kate Middleton is the UK’s second cleverest Royal, attending the University of St Andrews alongside husband Prince William, but beating him due to better A level results.

Princess Eugenie, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are also among the most intelligent members of the Royal Family.

However, it is the Duchess of Sussex who tops the intelligence list.

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