Meghan ‘driving force’ behind building ‘brand Sussex’ with Harry, claims expert

Meghan Markle is reportedly the driving force behind the "brand" the Sussexes are building, more so than Prince Harry, a royal expert claims.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a royal commentator, also said that Markle's far-reaching ambitions could even lead on to a career in politics.

Speaking to Sky News about The Duchess of Sussex, he said: "She grew up with, with high ambitions and started to reach them as an actress, putting in the work obviously not a terribly successful actress in terms of being well known internationally, until she then married Prince Harry and then she has become probably one of the most known or recognisable names in the world just by marrying somebody.

“I think that that shows an enormous amount of for planning and ambition and now they're doing having left the family shows again I don't mean to be totally unromantic maybe she did fall in love with Harry, maybe their relationship is also one of partnership and love in that respect.

“But you don't marry into the Royal Family I think without knowing what it's going to do to your reputation and your exposure internationally.

“And then I think they've used that to their advantage, many would say is there is their right.”

The ex-royal caused 'a stir' with husband Harry after they uploaded a video during last year's Presidential election urging people to vote – with critics saying it was an endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “She could well have political ambitions – I've read that elsewhere and it wouldn't surprise me, but she's building a brand empire with all the decisions, and I see her, as the driving force as opposed to him. I must say that many people do see her as the driving force behind this.

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“Obviously they're working closely together in it and they're even very careful about who does what, in terms of their public attention – she's written a children's book and he's being sent out much more frequently now to talk about things like mental health.”

A recent YouGov poll suggested The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's popularity was decreasing in the UK, with the ex Prince gaining an approval rating of just 31 percent, and his wife just one point more.

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“Perhaps the book will be an attempt to to regain some of that support, though it doesn't seem clear whether or not Harry and Meghan are interested in public support in the UK at all anymore," Mr Sacerdoti told

”They may be aiming at a completely different market internationally, or in America, and maybe at younger people rather than older people.

”So maybe in leaving behind the royal family, they've chosen to market themselves towards a totally different demographic and therefore, they maybe don't mind that slide in popularity here.”

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