Meghan and Harry’s antics make William and Kate ‘conflicted parents’

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    The recent actions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the Prince William and Kate Middleton playing the role of “conflicted parents,” an expert has said.

    Since the Duke and Duchess fled the UK a few years ago to go and live a not-so-quiet life in Montecito, California, they have courted controversy with a series of interviews, Netflix documentaries and books.

    But it's the departure from their Royal duties which has left their relatives with serious issues.

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    Despite King Charles claiming he wanted to slim the amount of working Royals down as much as possible, he has been left with little choice given Meghan and Harry leaving and the controversy surrounding Prince Andrew.

    And now, as the pressure of the potential future King and Queen – William and Kate – ramps up, it could lead to them struggling to juggle being parents to their three children and fulfilling Royal duties, expert Daniela Elser has claimed.

    Writing for, she said: “These lofty notions of protecting their kids and trying to shield them from the demands and scrutiny that come with their surname will at some point crash headlong into the reality of the monarchy’s dwindling pool of HRHs.

    “While William and Harry were given the space to gradually ease into working royal life – the elder only took up full-time duties in 2017, having been allowed to work as a helicopter ambulance pilot up until then – that is a luxury that George, Charlotte and Louis might not be afforded.

    “Basically, aside from those three, there is no one else; no other working members of the royal family in the offing who will one day learn the best way to elegantly hold a spade at a tree-planting. “What’s more, the trio will be crucial to injecting some youthful verve into the royal family’s image.

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    “The pressure on William and Kate as conflicted parents – are you a mother or a princess first? – is going to be constantly dialled up.

    “On top of all this, Kate will have to do a disproportionate amount of the heavy lifting when it comes to upholding the royal brand, which has obviously taken more than a few blows in recent years, the biggest and most damaging of which is the accusation of institutional racism.”

    The Daily Star has reached out to William and Kate's team for a comment.

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