Man’s flat infested by maggots after neighbour lies dead for weeks

A man’s flat became infested with maggots after a tenant’s rotting body lay in the apartment above for three weeks.

Thomas Matthew’s one-bedroom apartment transformed into a house of horror when his property became infested with the rotting flesh-eating larvae.

The 64-year-old had reported to his landlord, Sanctuary Housing, the overwhelming and growing infestation of maggots and flies in September, but did not receive proper care for weeks, leaving the man in total distress, the Stoke Sentinel reports.

The dad-of-three, living in North Staffordshire, started getting bluebottles despite receiving a brief visit from pest control who had sprayed one corner of his bathroom.

As his flat became a breeding ground for the filthy insects, Thomas’ neighbour asked him about the tenant living above him, who had stopped showing any signs of life.

"One thing led to another and they found his body, he had been dead for more than three weeks,” Thomas told Stoke-on-Trent Live.

Following numerous complaints to Sanctuary Housing and Thomas’ ever increasing unwanted visits from bluebottles, maggots and flies, the poor man resorted to eating his meals outside.

He said: “They had got through the carpet and were coming through the floorboards from upstairs. I had bluebottles everywhere.

“They were flying around the flat all the time and maggots were crawling on the carpet. It was like a scene from a horror film.”

Even though the desperate father is unable to work due to suffering from arthritis in both knees, Thomas attempted to deal with the problem by himself.

“I was trying to clean them myself but I struggle with my knees. I had to sleep with a mask on because of it,” he explained.

He added: "Sanctuary told me to just kill them with a spray, but as soon as I killed them, more would come.

“I was going round spraying them and chucking them away every day.”

Thomas was finally forced to leave his tainted home. He said: "I then went to stay with my children for eight days before they cleaned it. I couldn't stay at home.

“I was suffering for almost four weeks until they did the deep clean."

Three weeks after first reporting Thomas’ debilitating problem, Sanctuary Housing carried out a deep cleaning of the property.

Nevertheless, the traumatised man revealed that the experience took a toll on his mental health and his wallet.

“After the deep clean I have had to replace all of my bedding and some of my kitchen appliances. I went to B&M the other day and had to spend £100,” Thomas explained.

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He added: "Sanctuary told me to just wash my bedding but it just turned my stomach the thought of bluebottles on my bed that had come from a dead body.”

A spokesperson at Sanctuary Housing said: “We employed a specialist contractor to use their expertise at this property and they have carried out several treatments in the two affected flats in the past three weeks.

"While the contractor has advised that the work has been completed, we are sorry it took longer than expected and because of this, we did offer to provide Mr Matthews with hotel accommodation when treatments took place in his home if he could not remain with his family."

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