Man steals massive school bus and goes on rampage hitting more than 20 cars

A man has been arrested for steal an empty school bus – and then driving it into several cars while fleeing from police.

The incident took place in Seattle on Tuesday morning, with a rampage last 15 minutes and damaging more than 20 cars.

At 7.15am, local police were informed that a school bus had been stolen, and the man was found swerving across traffic, running red lights and ramming into other cars – intentionality, allegedly – according to local reports.

There were no children or other passengers on the school bus, which weighs around 33,000-pound – only the man who commandeered the vehicle.

Local police pursued the man, who was driving at more than 50mph.

After hitting the cars, the driver then went full force into a local bus stop, ripping it out from the ground, only coming to a stop after hitting a concrete retaining wall nearby.

But the chase didn't end there – as he proceeded to escape from police on foot.

They quickly caught up to him, arresting the man before taking him to hospital.

Several major roads were partially or fully closed as police investigated, including the northbound lanes of 23rd Avenue from Dearborn to King streets, but they later reopened, police said.

A police spokesman said : “We’re trying to get this person charged with vehicular assault because of the intentionality of the crashes.”

His employers, TransWest, said: “We are evaluating the situation internally at this time and will be working with local law enforcement in their investigation.”

Several minor injuries were reported to police, but investigators are still seeking witnesses or other victims.

Two 26-year-od women were evaluated at the scene, but they had no reported injuries, according to Fox 13 Seatlle.

The investigation into the motive of the driver remains ongoing, and investigators believe there may still be additional victims and witnesses.

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