Man rams into coronavirus checkpoint after being ‘denied entry to see parents’

A fed-up motorist has been caught on camera ramming his car into a coronavirus checkpoint outside a gated community after being refused entry to see his parents until he followed procedure.

The visitor, known by the surname Zhi, injured two staff members after driving through the tent with his Renault in Beiqijia, Changping, a district of Beijing in China on Monday.

CCTV footage shows Mr Zhi getting back into the driver’s seat of his Renault at the entrance of the residential community where his mum and dad live.

He then drives towards the staff members, briefly stopping to let other pedestrians pass before ramming the blue tent next to the gated community’s entrance.

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He drives into the structure, pulling down the canvas as he does so.

As the video ends, a number of staff members manage to escape on foot.

According to Changping District police, staff members manning the Covid-19 checkpoint have asked all visiting members of the public to log their names and vehicle number plates in order to ensure their presence is on record.

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However, Mr Zhi was unwilling to cooperate and attempted to pass through the checkpoint by force.

The police said two checkpoint officers were injured by Mr Zhi’s car.

They suffered non-life-threatening injuries and are receiving treatment at Beijing Royal Integrative Medicine Hospital, reports said.

Mr Zhi was taken into custody for endangering public safety.

It is unclear whether charges will be formally brought during the coronavirus outbreak.

In China, residential districts comprising of thousands of households have been enforcing special measures to ensure the Wuhan coronavirus does not spread among their populations.

The deadly respiratory disease has so far killed 2,128 people worldwide, with the majority of them being in mainland China.

More than 75,700 cases have been confirmed worldwide.

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