Man beaten so badly in front of baby grandson his leg was nearly amputated

A man was beaten so badly by a violent thug that his leg almost had to be amputated.

Violent Michael Greenall flew into a rage and carried out the extreme beating in front of his own one-year-old son.

The 25-year-old attacked Colin Whitefield, the dad of his then girlfriend with two pick-axe handles.

Mr Whitefield told the Liverpool Echo how "out-of-control" Greenall chased him throughout his Newton-le-Willows home on his daughter's birthday.

The 44-year-old said he remembered thinking Greenall was "going to kill him" on December 11, 2018.

The dad-of-two tried to scramble to safety as the yob pursued him mercilessly, repeatedly whacking at his leg.

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Mr Whitefield has now revealed shocking photos of his bloodied and shattered leg, which was also stamped upon in the unprovoked attack.

One image showed how medics had to regularly use bloodsucking leeches on his leg to help his wounds to heal.

Mr Whitefield gave his first interview about the incident to the ECHO after Greenall, who was due to stand trial last Monday, changed his plea to guilty at the last-minute.

It has also emerged the St Helens man, two days after the pickaxe handle attack, went on to punch a 15-year-old girl in the face, knocking her unconscious.

Mr Whitfield said his daughter's boyfriend had started acting strangely at his home earlier in the day.

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While Mr Whitefield was out, with his daughter at his mum's house, Greenall allegedly started turning up music very loud, in front of Mr Whitefield's worried partner, and her pregnant daughter.

He'd been to nearby shops for a bottle of vodka, which he drank, and then his behaviour spiralled out of control.

Mr Whitefield, who is a carer for his mum, said: "When we returned, he was acting really aggressively, and got my girlfriend in some sort of lock, but she stamped on his toe.

"He kept saying he'd been involved in a kidnap, and when I asked him to leave, he took a swing at me, I ducked, and so he grabbed hold of me and threw me across the living room."

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Greenall's daughter ran off upstairs, while Mr Whitefield's girlfriend and her pregnant daughter huddled in the kitchen for safety.

The family were pleading with him to let his one-year-old son leave the house, and they claim he next shouted: "Get the baby out the house or I'll kill you all!"

Greenall picked up the pickaxe handles, propped up in the hallway, and rained down blows on defenceless Mr Whitfield.

In the meantime, the pregnant 22-year-old was given permission to leave, as the victim's ordeal continued, before he stumbled outside.

The 44-year-old staggered up the street and eventually collapsed outside a shop, where stunned witnesses came to his aid.

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Mr Whitefield needed extensive surgery after sustaining breaks to his tibia and fibia.
Skin was grafted from his ankle onto the side of his mangled leg, which required leeches being placed on the wound three times a day to encourage blood circulation around the damaged tissue.

Mr Whitfield said: "The attack was awful.

"I thought he was going to kill me. It's the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

"Greenall was acting crazy, it was horrible, scary.

"The whole thing left my feeling very anxious, it's taken me at least 12 months to get over it.

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"I didn't want to leave the house.

"Afterwards, I wouldn't go out in St Helens, as that's where he's from and I didn't want to come across him.

"Greenall should serve a good sentence for what he's done.

"He's a violent man."

Greenall, of Kitchener Street, St Helens, will be sentenced for the Mr Whitfield attack and also his senseless assault on the 15-year-old girl, later this month at Liverpool Crown Court.

He has pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent at the Newton-Le-Willows home, and also admitted causing actual bodily harm and possession of a blade, a kitchen knife, in relation to the assault on the girl.

She sustained a suspected broken nose, on December 13, 2018, 14 months ago, and underwent an operation to reposition it.

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