Lufthansa pilot draws giant penis in the sky while waiting to land at airport

A cheeky pilot who was forced to circle an airport while waiting to land drew a penis in with his flight path.

The Lufthansa aircraft created the phallic image while waiting to land at Bremen Airport in Germany.

Flight LH350 had been travelling from Frankfurt and was due to arrive on time – but was forced to circle the air space around the airport on arrival.

Instead of directly circling back on itself, the pilot showed his sense of humour by mapping out a diagram of a penis.

The bold move was picked up by FlightRadar24 – a website that tracks commercial flights.

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It was shared to their Twitter page, with the caption: "Landed on second landing attempt," followed by a laughing emjoi.

FlightRadar's followers found the creative flight path extremely entertaining and several responded to the tweet with innuendos.

One user said: "Landing a plane is harder than people think."

While another joked: "Come again?"

And a third added: "So they c*cked-up their first pass? Face with tears of joy."

The tweet has since been retweeted almost 2,000 times, liked a further 6,000 and amassed over 200 replies.

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Several people questioned whether the pilot knew what they were doing when they created the pattern, or if it was sheer luck.

One user said: "Funny track, I don't know if the pilot know what he paint in the air.

"Hopefully there where no controls to see."

While a second said: "Seems not to be related to any thrust issues at least."

"Safety first always, I'm sure the flying conditions were perfect or the pilot wouldn't have done this."

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The funny flight path was a great way for German Air Traffic Control to start the week following a hectic weekend at Frankfurt Airport.

Thousands of travellers flying into Frankfurt airport were plunged into chaos after a drone sighting halted flights.

Cops launched a hunt for the drone, using a helicopter to aid the search, and closed the airport for almost three hours.

FlightRadar showed the drone sighting also had a huge impact to air traffic, and planes were waiting about the airport in what is called a holding pattern.

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