Long-range weather maps show 30C blast to return with five-day August heatwave

Heatwave conditions will return to the UK more than once over the next few weeks, weather maps suggest.

Forecasts show the pleasant weather of the last few days will continue over the weekend, with highs surging back to 30C.

Britons can expect temperatures and clear skies not seen since June – when low pressure prompted a nearly two-month-long streak of often wet, unsettled weather.

Long-range weather maps show that pressure is rising over the UK, a knock-on effect from similar conditions over Western Europe, where several nations have experienced record-breaking highs.

But they won’t be quite as sustained in the UK, with clear skies to occasionally darken with rain over the next two weeks.

Maps from WXCharts have captured the extent of the country’s significant warming over the last few days.

The service, which uses data from MetDesk, shows the southeast – where temperatures reached 27C today – cloaked in a deep orange.

The maps show temperatures remaining above 20C for the weekend but not quite as hot, with highs between 22C and 23C in the same area from Saturday, August 12, to Sunday, August 13.

After a brief lull in the coming week, with some grey skies and showers passing over the country, the mercury will surge to levels not seen in months.

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From that Wednesday, the Met Office shows temperatures reaching 24C, and long-range forecasts from August 15 to 24 hail the return of “fine and dry” temperatures.

Maps from WXCharts show surging highs reaching 27C in the south and southeast by the week’s end from August 19.

On Sunday, August 20, temperatures will hit 30C for the first time in months, with those highs lasting until the tail end of the long-range forecast.

WXCharts maps show 30C highs in the southeast from August 20 to 22, with comparable temperatures stretching across the country.

Most of the UK below the Midlands will bake in 22C to 29C highs, with northern England and Scotland seeing between 19C and 25C, even in some of the traditionally coldest areas.

Comparable temperatures will remain across the country until Thursday, August 26, the furthest WXCharts covers, and experts typically warn the forecast becomes less accurate the further into the future it covers.

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