Lags furious as fry-ups replaced with crackers and cereal at cushy jail

Prisoners at a cushy open jail are fuming after their full English breakfasts were replaced with crackers and cereal.

Inmates at HMP North Sea Camp used to tuck into sausages and bacon from pigs hand-reared on its 200-acre farm, and free-range eggs from its hens.

The prison – dubbed North Sea Holiday Camp by lags – has often been praised for the quality of its food.

But Covid restrictions mean prisoners now only get to eat one hot meal a day – at lunchtime in the dining hall.

Instead, they are now having to tuck into ‘breakfast packs’ – which ­normally contain crackers, jam, butter, milk, bread and one small packet of cereal – in their cells.

They get similar packs for their evening meal.

One prison worker said: “The breakfasts at North Sea Camp are the envy of all other prisons. They are better than ­anything you get either ­inside or outside prison. Everything is organic and grown or raised right there in the prison gardens.

“Having them replaced with cereal, crackers and a bit of jam doesn’t really cut it for the prisoners – they have been spoiled for so long.”

A report by watchdog the Independent Monit-oring Board said: “It is rare to get a complaint about the food.”

But it added that the new food system was “probably the reason why prisoners said that they did not think the meals had been of a good standard”.

Most of the lags at the 420-capacity open jail in Lincolnshire are sex offenders, with around 100 serving life sentences.

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