Kyiv to receive ‘double’ the number of Challenger 2 British tanks

UK MoD shares video showcasing capabilities of tanks

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Britain will send “double” the number of Challenger 2 tanks than what was originally promised to Ukraine, the ambassador to the UK has claimed. Vadym Prystaiko, in an interview with European broadcaster Radio Liberty, said the UK Government had decided to double their pledge of main battle tanks following a visit to London from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mr Prystaiko said: “14 tanks were promised to us and as a result of President Zelensky’s visit, it was agreed that this number will double.”

He added that the moment Britain had originally promised to send the tanks was a “breakthrough” moment as it proved “necessary to move the reluctance of all other allies”.

Towards the end of February, a few weeks after Britain promised the tanks to Ukraine, the US and then Germany pledged several battalions of their more sophisticated main battle tanks.

“At this time, the British were trying to convince all the other allies that there were two options: either the UK proceeds with this announcement alone and makes this breach that everyone else has to go into, or let’s do this very important step all together as one front, as NATO,” the ambassador said.

“The UK was successful this time. I think the same process is happening now with fighter jets.”

The Ministry of Defence said that there are currently no plans to increase the number of tanks over the agreed number of 14 although the defence secretary previously said that Britain was open to extending it.


Baby discovered in rubble of Zaporizhzhia attack

An 8-month-old baby has been discovered in the rubble of the Zaporizhzhia attack as the death toll rose to 13, the Ukrainian defence ministry suggested.

Ukraine fighting with ‘shovels’ in hand-to-hand combat

Russian soldiers are being forced to fight against Ukrainians doubling-up their entrenching shovels as hand-to-hand combat bludgeons, facing a degree of warfare for which they are “neither physically nor psychologically” prepared, the British Ministry of Defence has claimed.

In their latest update on Twitter, the MoD said there was a noticeable “ increase in close combat in Ukraine” and that they were seeing that shovels had become a weapon with which to fight.

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