Kyiv police stop Russia attack as they shoot down drone with guns

Ukraine: Police shoot down drone with guns in Kyiv

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The video showed Ukraine’s police force using firearms to shoot down the deadly drones after they were spotted flying across Kyiv. Russian President Putin has been ramping up vicious attacks on civilian populations for the past few weeks. And his actions have been condemned by global Western leaders who have been claiming that Iran’s gifted kamikaze drones breach Ukraine’s nuclear deal.

Ukrainian police officers can be seen on the video shared by Oleksiy Biloshytskyi, the first deputy chief of the patrol police, taking aim and shooting a barrage of bullets at the drone.

After successfully hitting the Russian kamikaze drone, the deadly weapon can be heard crashing and hitting the ground.

Police officers can be seen running for cover as the drone erupts into a ball of flames upon impacting the ground in Kyiv.

And thick grey smoke can be seen billowing up into the sky.

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Social media users have been praising local police officers for their commitment to ensuring kamikaze drones do not reach their intended destination.

@MarcClintDion wrote: “I’m under the impression Ukrainian men feel sniper rifles are for girls since the action happens from a safer distance. If every Ukrainian has a sniper rifle, those drones won’t make it through. Every time anyone hears an Iranian flying exploding lawnmower, they’ll start shooting.”

@Sevarrisha said: “Ukraine seriously needs better air defences. This is 8 months into war & it’s the police that are having to try & shoot down drones… Wasn’t Germany supposed to supply an iron dome-type thing?”

@CorradoBon added: “If intercepted WITHIN the city, would be better to let it go? Because just damaging means changing the flight to an unknown place instead of the wanted one.”

@SRSchrier wrote: “A method of intercepting Iranian drones outside of Kyiv is needed. The drone can be shot down as the video illustrated. Maybe teams of rifle brigades could patrol the perimeter of Kyiv to shoot drones before they reach the city?”

Ukraine: Kyiv is targeted by Russian drone strikes

@GaujasKrasts said: “Those drones are cheap. What will happen if Russia, with help of Iran, will send at once 250 drones.. or 500 or maybe 1 000 at once…”

@ChrissyB_19 added: “Too close for comfort.”

@DS90134024 wrote: “Why doesn’t every police car in every UKR city have a stinger in its trunk? They are easy to train, easy to transport, and can be set up in the time it took them to shoot the rifles.”

@Dmyto_Vlasenko said: “These drones have a target and that target is civilian infrastructure (water, electricity and other stuff). Trust me it exploding on the side of a road is better than it hitting its target.”

Global leaders have been condemning the use of such weapons on civilian populations in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said: “The UK has condemned Iran’s decision to supply drones and training to Russia.

“Iran supplying drones is inconsistent with UN security council resolution 2231 and is further evidence of the role Iran plays in undermining global security.

“The UK will continue to work with our partners to hold Iran to account for its destabilising behaviour around the world.”


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