Kyiv awakes to blasts as ‘30 Iranian drones’ downed

Ukraine: Drone captures destruction in Bakhmut

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Ukrainian air defence shot down at least 30 drones on Monday morning according to military officials in Kyiv. 

Earlier, the military authorities in the capital city reported nine Iranian drones has been downed.

Residents were prompted in the early hours by air raid sirens to seek shelter as the suspected Shahed 136 loitering munitions began approaching the city.

Kyiv’s administration said on Telegram: “The enemy is attacking the capital with ‘Shahed’ barrage ammunition. Air defence is at work,” 

The authorities added the Iranian-supplied kamikaze drones had been fired by Russia from the area of the Sea of Azov with at least 15 targeted towards Kyiv.

Vladimir Putin’s military has adopted the use of the aerial weapon over recent months as a cheap means of striking at Ukraine’s energy network.

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