Kremlin staged Putin ‘assassination’ to justify mass mobilisation, says report

The Kremlin have been accused of staging the so-called assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin to justify another wave of mass mobilisation, it has been claimed in a report.

News broke yesterday morning, May 3, that two separate strikes in the early hours were directed at the presidential residence, where the Russian President is known to work increasingly during the war.

The first was at 2.27am hitting the Senate Palace, the second at 2.43am, said TV Centre channel, showing drones exploding, with debris reportedly found in the grounds of the famous fortress.

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Ukraine was blamed on the strikes and Russian talking heads, like former president and current Putin mega ally Dmitry Medvedev, were wheeled out to condemn Volodymyr Zelenskyy et al.

Ukrainian authorities rubbished the claims and said it was a false flag, and now, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has stated that Putin cronies "likely staged" the purported assassination attempt "to bring the war home to a Russian domestic audience and set conditions for a wider societal mobilization."

The US-based think tank released the report on Wednesday, May 3, asserting that "several indicators" suggest the attack was staged, noting that Russia recently enhanced "domestic air defense capabilities" while arguing it was "extremely unlikely" that Ukrainian drones could have thwarted "multiple layers of air defense" and be destroyed "in a way that provided spectacular imagery caught nicely on camera."

The report further claimed that Russia's response would have been "much more disorganized" if it had been a "surprise attack" by Ukraine.

  • Ukraine 'attempted to assassinate Putin in drone attack on Kremlin', Russia claims

"The rapid and coherent presentation of an official Russian narrative around the strike suggests that Russia staged this incident in close proximity to the May 9th Victory Day holiday in order to frame the war as existential to its domestic audience," the ISW report states.

"Russia is employing an array of measures to frame the war in Ukraine as existential to Russia's domestic audience and to prepare for wider societal mobilization," it continues. "The purpose of this false flag attack was to justify increased mobilization measures."

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on an unannounced visit to Helsinki yesterday for talks with the leaders of five Nordic countries, denied any role.

"We don't attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on our territory. We're defending our villages and cities," he said at a news conference.

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