Kirkwood says ‘another day for your big coat’ as mercury struggles

BBC Weather: UK warned of unsettled rain and strong winds

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Carol Kirkwood predicted heavy and thundery rain showers and outbreaks of sunshine, warning that Northern Scotland could experience some hill snow. Ms Kirkwood forecasted windy conditions across southwest England and the English Channel. Temperatures are set to range from 6 degrees in the north and 11 degrees in the south.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning it’s a chilly start to the day once again, there is some frost around.

“Also some ice across parts of Scotland to watch out for, and generally speaking it’s going to be a day of bright spells, sunny spells and also some showers.

“But some of the showers could be heavy and thundery, you can see where we’ve had the rain already this morning moving Northern Scotland.

“Some hill snow as well, we’ve got quite a lot of showers on this map, though through the day some of the showers will become more scattered.

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Mr Kirkwood added: “It’s windy as well across southwest England, and also the English Channel, the Channel Islands slowly through the day these winds will tend to ease.

“You can see a lot of dry weather around, again some of these showers as we go through the course of the day are likely to be heavy and also thundery.

“With a bit more cloud at times across eastern areas and across the Midlands, the west is best in terms of sunshine.

“These are our temperatures, we’re looking about 6 in the north to about 11 in the south, so it’s another day for your big coat.

BBC Weather: UK forecast further wet and windy conditions

Mr Kirkwood said: “Now as we head on through the evening and overnight, there will be some clear skies, and there will still be some showers around.

“And under clear skies, we’ll see some frost, potentially some ice and then we’ve got this next weather system coming in from the West.

“Bringing in some heavy persistent rain and it’s going to be accompanied by strengthening winds in the West as well.

“So here it’s not going to be as cold as it is under clearer skies further East.

Ms Kirkwood added: “So as we head on into tomorrow then, here is that weather front moving from the West towards the East through the course of the day.

“And behind it, is a return to some blustery showers.

“The wind is strengthening and not just in the West, but also in the South and we’ll also have gales for a time across the Northern Isles.

“But it’s going to be a blustery day wherever you are, and temperature-wise tomorrow it won’t be too dissimilar to what we’re looking at today.”

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