King Charles told to ‘get a grip’ over ‘bad look’ with hypocritical behaviour

A royal expert has bashed King Charles' behaviour and said the monarch needs to 'get a grip' of what he is doing as it is creating a 'bad look'.

It comes as the King flew in a private jet despite speaking on the importance of fighting climate change, labelling global warming as the world's biggest "existential challenge".

Before the historic speech in France, Charles travelled from Farnborough Airport to Paris via private jet, journeying on a UK Government owned aircraft nicknamed the "Baby Voyager".

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His choice of transport would have created just short of 100 times more carbon per person than taking the train.

The King then went on to stir further criticism by flying onto Bordeaux from Paris rather than taking the train. French lawmaker Sandra Regol said Charles's decision was "very disappointing."

Former UK Government minister Norman Baker and author of royal book And What Do You Do? also hit out at the King's actions.

Speaking to Newsweek, he said: "Charles seems not to understand that he weakens his own message by his own behaviour. His predilection for private jets and helicopters puts him in the top one percent of carbon emitters in the world.

"He's hardly in a position to lecture other people from that great height. We need to get a grip of the issue, and I think Charles believes we need to get a grip of the issue.

"It's a bad look and it undermines his message, which is an important one. He needs to get his house in order."

Aviation experts have said that the jet that Charles has used is one of the "most fuel efficient available" however, the King's short flight would have still created 7.35 tonnes of carbon. To put this into perspective, the Eurostar train service can take passengers 214 miles from London to Paris through an undersea tunnel and only emit around 4kg of carbon per passenger.

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The CO2 emissions for the whole flight, of 7.35 tonnes, is just short of half America's annual carbon emissions per person, which stand at 14.44 tonnes per capita, according to Statista.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: "The decision to move from train to plane was made on the advice of the French authorities. Royal travel always seeks to find the best balance of security, efficiency, and the need to minimize disruption for the public when planning transport for Their Majesties."

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